Kim Jun-su: “There’s no pure friendship between man and woman”; Young-tak: “Alcohol is dangerous”

Kim Jun-su and Young-tak talked about the topic of “male friends.” 

On Jan 25th, a video titled “Kim Chan-woo & Kim Jun-su & Young-tak! Why did they stand up and applaud for Lee Seung-chul’s remarks? (ft. Sesame leaf debate) | Singterview” was posted on the official YouTube channel of the fashion magazine “Singles Korea” on the 25th/

In the video, cast members of Channel A’s entertainment program “Groom Class” appeared. Lee Seung-chul, Kim Chan-woo, Young-tak, and Kim Jun-su were shown playing a balance game.  When asked, “Where would you go if you could go to the past or the future?” they all replied, “The past.”

Sesame leaf debate

Young-tak replied, “I think it would be new to see myself of 10 years ago,” and Kim Jun-su said, “I don’t want to know the future. It’s scarier to know,” he added. In response, Lee Seung-chul said, “What else would there be besides dying?” making everyone laugh. 

Kim Chan-woo made a funny confession, saying, “If I go back 10 years ago, I will tell myself not to buy stock. Everything I choose drop.” In addition, they unanimously answered “unrequited love” to the question, “Who do you want to date, your first love or your unrequited love?” Kim Jun-su said, “I want to achieve the unrequited love that has not been achieved at the moment,” drawing sympathy from people around him.

Sesame leaf debate

When asked about the “Sesame Leaf Debate,” they looked puzzled. Upon hearing the explanation of the “Sesame Leaf Debate,” all four men responded, “There’s nothing wrong with picking out sesame leaf for someone.”

When asked to answer questions, “Which household task is more annoying? Garbage recycling or Vacuuming” as well as “Which is more unbearable? Sleeping habit or Eating habit”, only Lee Seung-chul answered “Garbage recycling” and “Sleeping habit”. When Kim Jun-su asked, “Isn’t garbage recycling more annoying?”, Lee Seung-chul replied, “You can get some free time going out of the house”, drawing laughter.

Sesame leaf debate

He also added, “You can eat separately, but you wouldn’t sleep in separate rooms after getting married”. Upon hearing this, Kim Jun-su recalled the days when he was in the military, saying, “I suffered a hard time during my military service because the senior who slept next to me snored a lot.” When asked, “Which one will you allow your girlfriend to do with a male friend? Having a meal with him or Drink with him”, both Young-tak and Kim Jun-su answered, “It’s okay for them to have a meal”.

However, Lee Seung-chul showed intense reactions, saying “It’s already a problem if they meet each other”, then told Kim Jun-su and Young-tak, “Don’t try to be cool”, making everyone burst into laughter.

Sesame leaf debate

As soon as Lee Seung-chul said, “Male friends don’t exist”, Kim Jun-su also agreed, saying, “I believe people of opposite sexes cannot be true friends”. Lee Seung-chul added, “Drinking a glass of alcohol together can change the relationship between a man and a woman”. Upon hearing this, Young-tak commented, “Drinking is dangerous”. Kim Chan-woo, who is about to marry a girlfriend 14 years younger than him, told Lee Seung-chul, “Thank you for your advice”.


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