Kim Jun-su, “If my agency’s employees get married, I will give them refrigerators, TVs and even houses”

Kim Jun-su, a singer and entertainment agency’s CEO, unintentionally made a shocking pledge.

쇼단원 사장님께 소리 질러

On the broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show” aired on February 22nd, Kim Jun-su appeared as a special DJ.

The “Shout out to the boss of Showdanwon/쇼단원 사장님께 소리 질러” section revealed stories from listeners who have something to tell their bosses.

DJ Kim Tae-kyun said he would receive text messages from Kim Jun-su’s agency, Palm Tree Island, Kim Jun-su shyly said, “It won’t work if you send it for the sake of a smooth progress”.

Kim Jun-su then expressed his thoughts on “office marriage” from his point of view as a CEO.

Kim Jun-su said, “Even when I don’t encourage office dating, I think marriages should be supported. There are many cases when couples breaking up after dating interferes with their works. I will congratulate them if they get married”.

He continued, “I only don’t encourage office dating, but I can’t stop them from loving each other and dating”.

Later, when a male and a female employee from Kim Jun-su’s agency sent a message to the radio together, Kim Tae-kyun said, “I have a feeling that you need to prepare a refrigerator”.

쇼단원 사장님께 소리 질러

Kim Jun-su responded, “If these two get married, I will give them a refrigerator and a TV. But I won’t have to do anything because they don’t get along well with each other. I will give them a house, too”, rejecting the possibility of an office romantic relationship.

The employees reacted enthusiastically when hearing their boss’s promise of gifting a house, Kim Jun-su hurriedly responded, “I don’t want you to get married for materials. You have to love each other”.

Listeners laughed so hard and responded, “They will develop love when they are given a house”, “Let’s think about getting the house first”, etc. 


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