Kim Joon Ho recalls his divorce with his ex-wife, “We stayed silent in the car for 30 minutes”

Broadcaster Kim Joon Ho talked about his divorce experience on “Dolsing Fourmen”.

The broadcast of SBS’s entertainment program “Dolsing Fourmen” on January 24th showed the cast members traveling overseas for the first time to Guam, a place for honeymoon and family trips.

Kim Jun Ho

“Dolsing Fourmen” members were seen heading to a hamburger restaurant. While eating, Kim Yong Myung told Kim Joon Ho, “The one and only time you went to the court was for your divorce, right? What did you eat before going there?”.

Recalling the past, Kim Joon Ho said, “I went there too early and they told me to wait half an hour. I was in the car with my ex-wife during that half an hour”.

He continued, “We stayed silent in the car. I didn’t know why but I suddenly asked, ‘Why did we come all the way here?’”, adding “There were about 50 couples at the court to get divorced. While waiting in line, a couple asked for my signature. I believed that I was not getting divorced due to any bad reason, so I gave them my autograph.”

Kim Joon Ho added, “Two months after my divorce, I joined a show with Tak Jae Hoon and he told me, ‘You’re so shameless. It’s only been two months, but you are already appearing on a broadcast’. I can’t forget his words”, drawing laughter.

Source: Nate

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