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Kim Jong-kook’s brother, who is a plastic surgeon, commented, “Song Ji-hyo’s face is perfect”

Kim Jong-kook shared his thoughts on the expected cost of plastic surgery for Kim Sook and Song Ji-hyo revealed by his brother, who is a plastic surgeon

Kim Jong-kook joined KBS 2TV’s entertainment show “Problem Child in House”, which was aired on April 20th, as a new MC. Meanwhile, Song Ji-hyo showed up as a guest.

On this day, MC Song Eun-yi said, “Jong-kook’s older brother is a plastic surgeon. I heard he gave Kim Sook a plastic surgery estimate of 20 million won”.

As Kim Jong-kook said, “You must have done a lot of DC”, Kim Sook replied, “I did more of it but the really urgent part cost me 20 million won. He said Song Ji-hyo’s face was perfect”.

Kim Sook then added, “Maybe he said that because he considered Song Ji-hyo as a family member?”. In response, Kim Jong-kook said, “It’s not because he’s my brother, but anyone will make such evaluation. Objectively saying, I think the same. There is nothing on Song Ji-hyo’s face that needs fixing”, praising Song Ji-hyo’s beauty.

Upon hearing that, Kim Sook asked, “So, do I have something to fix?”, making Kim Jong-kook speechless for a moment. He then laughed and said, “We don’t need an objective evaluation. It depends on our self-satisfaction”.

Problem Child in House” airs every Wednesday at 8:30 P.M.

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