Kim Jong-kook put an end to the steroid controversy: “The doping test result is out, I’m tired of this”

Singer Kim Jong-kook’s doping test result is out. Kim Jong-kook said on his YouTube on Dec 9th, “My doping results finally came out yesterday.”

Kim Jong-kook's doping test result is out

Singer/entertainer Kim Jong-kook voluntarily took a doping test after a foreign health YouTuber raised suspicions of him using steroids and accused him of building his muscles with drugs.

“I’m sick and tired of hearing the doping word,” he said, adding, “I’ll wrap up tall information about the doping test process, the testing institution, and all the stories related to this issue in the next video.”

Kim Jong-kook also talked about the YouTuber

Kim Jong-kook also talked about the YouTuber who suspected him of using steroids on an episode of SBS’s “Running Man,” which aired recently. When he saw the organized conference room as if it were for a countermeasure meeting, he jokingly said, “Did you prepare for my doping test?” and added, “I’ll go to the end of this. I’ll show you how we do it in Anyang,” he said.

The YouTuber who raised suspicions of Kim Jong-kook using steroids has deleted all of his videos when Kim Jong-kook hinted at the possibility of legal action.

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