“Kim Jong-kook Is Dating, Yang Se-chan Just Broke Up” → Song Ji-hyo Spilled The Tea About “Running Man” Cast

Song Ji-hyo talked about the love life of the cast members of "Running Man".

On the 15th, a video titled “Ji-hyo Cooking for Me? | Hyomakase by Song Ji-hyo” was uploaded on the YouTube “Jeeseokjin World” channel, run by Ji Seok-jin.

In this video, Song Ji-hyo appeared as a guest and said she would treat Ji Seok-jin to salmon sushi and bulgogi sushi. While the two were waiting for her to cook, she mentioned the love life of “Running Man” members.

song ji hyo ji suk jin

Ji Seok-jin said, “Many ‘Running Man’ members need to get married,” and added, “Jong-kook needs to get married, Ji-hyo needs to get married, and Se-chan can enjoy (his unmarried life) a little bit more.” Song Ji-hyo also agreed, “Se-chan should enjoy it a little more.”

Ji Seok-jin was curious about the member’s relationship status, saying, “Jong-kook doesn’t seem to have a girlfriend right now, does he?” and Song Ji-hyo responded, “I think he does.” Ji Seok-jin made a big fuss about it and asked why she thought so.

Song Ji-hyo said, “I don’t know. I’m talking about whether there might be one,” adding, “(Kim Jong-kook) rarely gets angry these days, and he laughs a lot.” Song Ji-hyo said, “He has become a lot more relaxed lately,” and Ji Seok-jin wondered, “When I’m sometimes on the phone with him, he is always at the gym or at home.”

song ji hyo ji suk jin

Regarding Yang Se-chan, Song Ji-hyo guessed that he broke up with his girlfriend, the reason was because Yang Se-chan sang izy’s “Emergency Room” at the karaoke room. Song Ji-hyo said, “I was listening to him in the background and thought, ‘You broke up, didn’t you?’ Since he suddenly sang a sad song. When men sing ballad songs when they come to places like this, I think they broke up with their girlfriends.”

Ji Seok-jin was also curious about Song Ji-hyo’s relationship status. “I’m saving myself. If I fall in love, I’m the type to go all-in, so it’ll be obvious. I want to spend time with that person only, so I dive down.” Then, Ji Seok-jin joked, “Ji-hyo is gonna be the best bride,” adding, “She is beautiful, can earn money well, and sleeps a lot. When she gets married, she will become a wife who looks pretty when she sleeps.”

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