Kim Jong-guk “I wish I could come with my girlfriend”

Kim Jong-guk falls in love with Denmark.

In the 4th episode of MBC’s entertainment program ‘Gasp and Falls’, which will be aired at 6:30 pm on Sunday, the 31st, Kim Jong-guk, who joined late, along with Ji Hyeon-woo, Joo Woo-jae, Noh Sang-hyeon, and Hwang Dae-heon, is depicted heading to his dorm in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In the last broadcast, as soon as Kim Jong-kook arrived at the airport, he became the ‘Denmark’s youngest’ and laughed. On this day, Kim Jong-guk got on the old car ‘Jade’ and looked out the window and explodes emotional tension at the beauty of Copenhagen.

Kim Jong-guk pointed to a building in the city center and said, “There are chairs on every balcony,” and showed his wonder when he saw a culture different from that of Korea. In the end, he surprised everyone by saying, “I wish I could come here with my girlfriend.”

Kim Jong-guk’s romantic ‘European sensibility’ takes a turn when he discovers a specific signboard in the city center. Kim Jong-kook opened his eyes wide with a surprised expression and shouted, “Hey, look over there!”,  raising questions about the identity of the sign that stole his attention

On the other hand, on this day’s broadcast, ‘Dopo Five’, joined by Kim Jong-guk, will start sales for the first time. Expectations are high on how the eldest – Kim Jong-guk will deliver the beauty of Korean tradition to foreigners, and how the complete ‘Dopo Five’ will capture the hearts of locals with different sales skills than before.

The 4th episode of ‘Gasp and Falls’ will air on the 31st at 6:30 PM.

Source: daum

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