Kim Ji Young opened up about “debt too” exposure “I’m preparing to respond, sorry for causing disappointment”

Kim Ji Young (18), a former child actress, opened up about the “debt too” exposure.

Kim Ji Young said on Jan 23rd, “Hello, this is actress Kim Ji Young. First of all, I sincerely apologize to everyone who must have felt disappointed and confused by this incident.

She added, “After getting legal advice, I and my parents are currently in the process of preparing to respond regarding the content yesterday and related problems. I’m sorry for giving you such bad news during the Lunar New Year holiday. I’ll tell you about the progress later. I’m sorry.

Earlier on Jan 22nd, A, who claimed to be Kim Ji Young’s ex-boyfriend, said, “I didn’t want to reveal, but I posted after thinking about it for 6 months. I lived with Kim Ji Young. She (Kim Ji Young) suffered domestic violence and had debts at home. My parents lent Ji Young money, so she got a rented room. Of course, my parents paid the monthly rent. One day, she disappeared, left home and told me not to contact her because she was dating someone else. I proudly said that I’d give everything related to money, but she didn’t contact me.

He continued, “My father still sleeps for 4 hours and works as a designated driver because of this money incident. The same goes for my mother. I don’t want to see people who live without thinking on TV. If you pay back the money, I’ll delete this post.

kim ji young

Born in 2005, former child actress Kim Ji Young received great love from the public by playing Do Bi Dan in MBC’s weekend drama “Jang Bo-ri Is Here!” (2014). Besides, she appeared in “My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol”, “Persevere, Goo Hae Ra”, “Man in the Kitchen”, “Liver or Die”, “Melancholia” and “Never Give Up”.

Source: Daum

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