Kim Ji-won and Son Seok-koo reunite on “My Liberation Notes”… Lying side by side overnight

“My Liberation Notes” Kim Ji-won and Son Seok-koo had a happy time after their reunion.

In JTBC’s weekend drama “My Liberation Notes” which aired on May 28th, Yeom Mi-jeong (Kim Ji-won) and Gu Ja-gyeong (Son Seok-koo) were depicted reuniting and dating.


The two had a good time after reuniting. When Sam-sik called, Gu Ja-gyeong realized that it was the day his president would check his settlement. Seeing Gu Ja-gyeong like this, Yeom Mi-jeong laughingly said, “Go.” Gu Ja-gyeong’s face was scratched by a bottle of alcohol and bled because of a customer who came to the store and kicked up a stink. Besides, when the settlement was not right, he turned the store upside down and found the money secretly stolen by the employees on the sofa.

My Liberation Notes

After many twists and turns, Gu Ja-gyeong hurriedly returned to Yeom Mi-jeong after finishing settlement with the president. When Yeom Mi-jeong saw the scar on his face, she looked bewildered, “You became a different person in an hour and a half.” Gu Ja-gyeong smilingly replied, “Life is like this. There is never a perfect day.” Yeom Mi-jeong comforted Gu Ja-gyeong, “5 minutes a day. It’s worth living even if you only breathe for 5 minutes.” The two had a drink together then headed to Gu Ja-gyeong’s house.

My Liberation Notes

On the way to Gu Ja-gyeong’s house, Yeom Mi-jeong and Gu Ja-gyeong talked about what had happened. Gu Ja-gyeong conveyed his longing heart, “Due to the heavy snow, everyone who was driving left their cars on the road and walked. Suddenly I had a thought. If the earth stops for a while, I’ll walk to Sanpo.” Yeom Mi-jeong also confessed that today was the wedding of her ex-boyfriend, who abandoned his ex-girlfriend after taking a lot of money. She said she was happy when receiving the call from Gu Ja-gyeong.

My Liberation Notes

The two went into Gu Ja-gyeong’s house. Yeom Mi-jeong and Gu Ja-gyeong lay side by side, looked at each other and fell asleep.

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