Kim Hye Soo, worried about disappearance of abandoned dog she met on set… Her heart is prettier than her face

Actress Kim Hye Soo’s kind heart created warmth.

On Nov 17th, Kim Hye Soo posted several pictures on Instagram with the caption “It’s an abandoned dog that recently appeared on set, and I named it ‘Under the Queen’s Umbrella’“.

kim hye soo

In the pictures, Kim Hye Soo was spending time with an abandoned dog she met at the filming site of tvN’s “Under the Queen’s Umbrella“. Kim Hye Soo’s kind eyes created warmth.

Kim Hye Soo expressed her concern, “Another person was taking care of it in the dressing room, then it suddenly disappeared, so everyone is waiting for Under the Queen’s Umbrella… I’m worried as the weather is getting cold… I hope Under the Queen’s Umbrella comes back…

kim hye soo

Meanwhile, Kim Hye Soo is appearing in “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”.

“Under the Queen’s Umbrella”, which airs every Saturday and Sunday, deals with the top 1% education method in Joseon to make the troublemaker princes, who cause nuisance for the royal family, into proper princes.

Source: Nate

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