Kim Hieora confirmed a theory related to “The Glory” Part 2? Dong Eun won’t be happy?

On March 4th, on the YouTube channel “Netflix K-Content”, a video titled  “Are there any accurate theories related to Part 2 | The Glory”, was uploaded. 

the glory

In the video, cast members of “The Glory” gave a short commentary on various analysis and theories articles made by fans of “The Glory”, further raising expectations for the development of the story in Part 2. 

Theories discussed in this video include a popular analysis related to the character posters that were released ahead of Part 2. 

the glory

In particular, the analysis pointed out that the “good” and “bad” characters can be divided using the white morning glories and yellow morning glories shown in their character posters. Here, characters with the yellow morning glories are all looking up at the sky, while those with the white morning glories are all looking down. Ha Do Young is looking down, similar to the “good” side, so it is likely that he and Yeon Jin won’t fall down together. In addition, a vine can be seen trying to tighten around Dong Eun’s neck, perhaps to express that Dong Eun is also unhappy in the process of revenge.

From the posters, Yeom Hye Ran and Lee Do Hyun’s characters, who have been on Song Hye Kyo’s side, have white morning glories blooming toward the sky. Meanwhile, the posters of people supporting Lim Ji Yeon’s character include yellow morning glories blooming toward the ground.

One peculiar case is Jung Sung Il’s character, Ha Do Young, who has white morning glories that are blooming towards the ground. It is therefore suspected that he will switch sides and stand with Song Hye Kyo’s character. 

the glory

Another detail is related to the necks of the villains, with all having vines wrapped around them.  The good side characters don’t have this, except for Song Hye Kyo – as if suggesting that she will eventually take responsibility for the revenge she has done.

Regarding this theory, Park Sung Hoon showed a surprise reaction and said, “Is there such a thing?”, as if he was hearing this for the first time. Other actors were also surprised as well, revealing that they did the posters without knowing anything. However, they admitted that the posters have a lot of meanings, though they never noticed those. 

However, Kim Hieora said with a confident voice, mentioning that she “completely agree”. 

“That’s the thing about revenge,” she said, adding, “Hyeon Nam (Yeom Hye Ran) and Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) talked about ‘revenge comes at a price’.” 

Meanwhile, Park Sung Hoon said in response, “It can’t always be a gain”, as if agreeing.

Source: wikitree

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