Kim Heechul Reveals: “I’ve Loaned and Lost 500 Million Won to Friends”

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul revealed that he loaned 500 million won to acquaintances but never got the money back.

On July 9, a video featuring Super Junior’s Kim Heechul as a guest was released. 

In the video, MC Jang Sung-kyu, who visited Kim Heechul’s house, mentioned, “I’m surprised not just by your house, but didn’t you drink three bottles of alcohol worht 1.2 million won (approx. 860 USD) each at a gathering?”

Jang continued, “Seok-hoon offered to buy one bottle, but you said, ‘No, I’ll pay for everything. I have so much cash, I couldn’t spend it all in my lifetime.'”

kim hee chul

In response, Kim Heechul coolly replied, “I wonder if Seo Jang-hoon and Kang Ho-dong feel this way? I really have plenty of money.”

However, Kim Heechul then revealed that when he first debuted, he loaned money to friends with good intentions, expecting loyalty, but never got any of it back.”

Hearing this, Jang asked, “Have you ever calculated the total amount you haven’t been repaid?”

Responding to this, Kim Heechul showed the number 5 with his hand, implying that the money he loaned and never got back was 500 million won (approx 361,000 USD). “Only Shindong repaid me”, the male idol said.

Source: Daum

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