Kim Heechul after profanity scandal,“I will avoid the words ‘finding my original intentions”

Super Junior member Heechul Kim shared his thoughts on the 18th anniversary of his debut.

On March 6th, Kim Heechul expressed his heartfelt sentiment, saying, “It has been 18 years since my debut. Time flies by so quickly…”

Kim Hee-chul

He said, “Since I was in high school, I’ve done a lot of part-time jobs such as handing out flyers, and worked at factories, pubs, swimming pools, meat restaurants until I came to SM in my 20s. Since becoming a celebrity, however, I have lived a happier life and received so much love that  I wondered if it was possible”. 

He then expressed his gratitude to fans, “Of course, that love. You know I never took it for granted, right? I will live a better life thinking of that love in the future.”

Kim Hee-chul

The male idol also showed his wit by saying, “I will avoid the words ‘finding my original intentions’ in the future, even if I find my original intention…”

Kim Heechul also dissed himself and added, “When I first debuted, I gave my fans the nickname ‘flower petals’. It shows my extreme narcissism of saying, ‘I am a flower, so all of you should be my petals.’ I wasn’t quite myself in my twenties. Anyway, I am circling around saying that I am really grateful and I love you.”

In response to Kim Heechul’s heartfelt feelings, fans ;eft comments such as, “If the world betrays Kim Heechul, I will betray the world”, “Happy 18th debut anniversary, I’m grateful that you became a celebrity”, “I’m always your ‘petal’, so I’m always by your side”,”Because I’m your flower petal, I love everything about you, your strengths and weaknesses,” etc.

Kim Hee-chul

On the other hand, Kim Heechul recently appeared on an Internet broadcast and caused a controversy by using vulgar expressions and discussing sensitive matters. Afterwards, he apologized for the use of harsh language and profanities, but not for mentioning the controversial matters. He also promised to “not to get involved in any controversy in the future.”

Afterwards, the male idol received applause for donating 100 million won to youth victims of school violence on February 16th. 

“I wanted to help teenagers who were victims of school violence. Victims of school violence live with mental and physical scars throughout their lives,” Heechul said through the Blue Tree Foundation, adding, “I decided to donate with the hope that there will be no more teenagers suffering from violence.” 

Source: Nate

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