Kim Hee Sun in Remarriage and Desires transformed from ordinary housewife into the goddess of lust

Netflix K-drama recently unveiled a new still of actress Kim Hee Sun in Remarriage and Desires, who plays the female lead. 

The Netflix series “Remarriage and Desires” depicts a scandal unfolding at an upper class marriage information company that deals with terms and conditions, not emotions. This K-drama, which will release in July, just dropped a photo of the female lead Seo Hye Seung, played by famous actress Kim Hee Sun. 

Kim Hee Sun, who boasts her versatility through various notable works like “The Lady in Dignity”, “Angry Mom”, “Alice”, and most recently, “Tomorrow”, will continue to prove her acting prowess in Netflix’s “Remarriage & Desires”. 

Kim Hee Sun in Remarriage and Desires

The character of Kim Hee Sun in Remarriage and Desires loses everything due to the sudden death of her husband while living as a normal stay-at-home wife and mother. In her attempt to rebuild her life alongside her daughter, Hye Sung met a person who uprooted her life at Rẽ – an upper-class marriage information company. There, she suffered grave humiliation and decided to marry to achieve everything she desires. 

Regarding his direction to cast Kim Hee Sun, director Kim Jung Min shared: “Kim Hee Sun and Hye Seung have different images, so I’m curious about a Hye Seung portrayed by actress Kim Hee Sun”. Accordingly, the transformation from housewife to revenge goddess of the actress is drawing a lot of attention. 

The newly-released still shot was of Seo Hye Seung before her life plummet into the abyss. However, after her happy family fell apart overnight, Hye Seung no longer had anything to lose nor fear. Now, she has embarked on her quest for revenge, drawing curiosity over her desire to enter the upper society and newer images of her. 

Kim Hee-sun

“Remarriage and Desires” will be directed by producer Kim Jung Min, who was behind “Squad 38”, “Bad Guys”, and “Love Affairs in the Afternoon”, as well as penned by screenwriter Lee Geun Young, who wrote the series “I’m The Mother, Too”. It will capture marriages within the upper class, produced by Tiger Studio and distributed by Netflix. 

Viewers can anticipate Kim Hee Sun’s heated acting performance on Netflix starting July 15th.

Source: Daum

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