Kim Hee-chul was predicted to be married twice by palm reading in the new episode of “My Little Old Boy”

The palm lines of the members of “My Little Old Boy” were revealed in the latest episode.

On SBS’s “My Little Old Boy,” which aired on the afternoon of January 30th, Oh Min-seok checked the palm lines of the members. Oh Minseok saw Kim Heechul‘s palm lines and said, “Your emotion line is straight, right? It’s not that you’re lucky in relationships. It means you’re very stubborn,” he said. In response, Kim Jong-min drew laughter by saying, “What is he gonna do?”

Kim Hee-chul My Little Old Boy

When asked about the idol’s marriage, he said, “There are two marriage lines so clearly that there is a high possibility that you will get married twice in the future.” When Kim Hee-chul said, “Who would want to marry me first then?” making everyone laugh.

Reading Kim Jong-guk‘s palm, Oh Min-seok said, “His palm lines are amazing. Such a grand palm. His emotional line is curved, so he has a gentle personality and is good to women,” he said in admiration. He then said, “There is a big marriage line. He’s likely to meet one person and go all-in for her,” he added.

Kim Hee-chul My Little Old Boy

Kim Jong-min was shocked to hear that his palm had a weak lifeline. Oh Min-seok said, “You have to take care of your health when you get older,” and Kim Jong-guk felt sorry for him, saying, “I need to be good to you.” 

Kim Hee-chul My Little Old Boy

Meanwhile, SBS “My Little Old Boy” is broadcast very Sunday at 9:05 p.m.


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