Kim Ha-neul and Rain’s close chemistry “I don’t let him go home while drinking”

Kim Ha-neul and Rain showed off their close chemistry

Recently, a video titled “Rain Gets Fact-Checked by Kim Ha-neul During a Deep Talk” was posted on the YouTube channel “Season B Season”.

The video featured an interview with Rain, marking his return to acting with Disney+’s “Red Swan”. KCM appeared as a one-day MC.

kim ha neul-bi rain

During the conversation, KCM asked, “Whose personality is most likely to change for the worse at a team dinner or while drinking?” The actors began discussing their drinking styles. Rain answered, “Everyone would know, I just go to sleep. I go home.

Kim Ha-neul nodded in agreement and added, “But that’s no fun. He’s the boring type.” She shared her own enthusiasm for social gatherings, “I get really hyped when I drink, and I drink until the end.”

She emphasized, “I find it difficult to recover the next day. But I like the vibe of drinking, and if I drink, I go all the way.”

Kim Ha-neul humorously targeted Rain, “So I don’t let him go home. It’s so annoying when people go home.” Rain responded “But it’s so annoying that she doesn’t let me go home“, causing laughter.

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