Kim Ha Neul and Bi Rain to star in new drama “Fine Artist Scandal”, portraying the romance between upperclass woman and bodyguard 

Kim Ha Neul and Jung Ji Hoon (Rain) will appear in Disney+’s original series “Fine Artist Scandal”.

“Fine Artist Scandal” depicts the story of Wan Su, who dreams of a perfect life in the upper class by marrying the successor of Hwa In Group, but encounters the secret of Hwa In Group as she meets her bodyguard Do Yoon, who always stays by her side.


From movies to dramas, actress Kim Ha Neul showcases a diverse acting spectrum in various genres, including romance, action, and thriller, with her own unique style. She will lead the drama as the main character Wan Su. Wan Su, who has reached her career peak as a golfer, becomes the director of a foundation and gains worldwide popularity through charity work after marrying the successor of the Hwa In Group.


Actor Jung Ji Hoon, who has captivated the public in various fields as a singer-turned-actor, will take on the role of Do Yoon. Do Yoon is a former police officer and has excellent martial arts skills. Due to his own purpose, he will join the security team of the Hwa In Group and take charge of protecting Wan Su.


Kim Ha Neul and Jung Ji Hoon will work with each other as Wan Su and Do Yoon, raising anticipation for captivating chemistry. Set against the backdrop of a large conglomerate in the upper class, the two characters, who meet in different positions and circumstances, are expected to introduce fascinating new narratives.

In addition, the drama is directed by Park Hong Gyun, who is highly praised for his delicate and stable directing skills through works, such as “New Heart”, “Queen Seondeok”, and “The Greatest Love”. Screenwriter Choi Yoon Jung, who has drawn attention for creating impressive characters, such as “Only Love”, “Three Sisters”, etc., will take charge of writing the script.

Source: Daum

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