Kim Go-eun, who plays the eldest sister in “Little Women”, shares, “My nickname is ‘genre wrecker’ and I will make you laugh”

Actress Kim Go-eun will perform the chemistry between sisters with Nam Ji-hyun and Park Ji-hoo in the new drama “Little Women”.

The press conference for tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “Little Women” (scripted by Chung Seo-kyung/ directed by Kim Hee-won) was held online on the afternoon of August 29th. PD Kim Hee-won, actresses Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun, Park Ji-hoo and Wi Ha-joon attended the event.

“Little Women” is a drama based on the novel of the same name by Louisa May Alcott. It tells about three sisters,who are poor but close to each other, facing the wealthiest and most powerful family in Korea and solving the homework of their life called “money”.

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Kim Go-eun will appear in “Little Women” as the eldest sister Oh In-ju. Growing up in extreme poverty, In-ju is a woman who realizes that money is the only thing that can save her and her family. She will be seen struggling because of 70 billion won. In addition, In-ju has a realistic and positive person.

Revealing her feelings about appearing in this drama, Kim Go-eun said, “It’s my honor to be able to join this perfect team. I feel so overwhelmed”, adding “Having a team with these people, including the writer, the PD and the actors, there was no reason for me to refuse. So I decided to grab this opportunity.”

Kim Go-eun also talked about her character In-ju. The actress explained, “There are many parts in the script that were left empty for me to decide what appearances I wanted to perform. I would be in trouble if I made the wrong choice of actions. Therefore, I was being very careful while acting”.

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Kim Go-eun stressed that it was not easy to immerse herself in the character. She confessed, “At the beginning, I encountered many difficulties in the process of becoming In-ju. I think I had a hard time for about two months”.

Regarding the special points she focused on while portraying In-ju, Kim Go-eun said, “She has a good sense of humor. I don’t know if the writer wrote it like that to draw laughter”, adding “There were several funny moments during the filming”.

Director Kim Hee-won gave Kim Go-eun the nickname “genre wrecker”. Referring to this, Kim Go-eun said, “I was worried every day that I might be disrupting the atmosphere of a work which gives such a heavy and lingering feeling”.

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“There is one thing that I’m proud of. When other actors raise the tension of the drama, my role is to relieve the serious atmosphere. Wi Ha-joon always crossed the line in terms of being humorous. So I asked him to stop doing that because that’s my job”, she added.

Two other sisters who will act alongside Kim Go-eun are Nam Ji-hyun (as Oh In-kyung) and Park Ji-hoo (Oh In-hye). In-kyung is a righteous reporter at a new station and she will dig into a mysterious case. Nam Ji-hyun said, “In-kyung is a passionate and rational person”. She pointed out the line “I think I’ll die if I don’t write this article” as the line that clearly expresses the characteristic of In-kyung. This character is a persistent and goal-oriented woman.

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The youngest sister in “Little Women” In-hye played by Park Ji-hoo has natural drawing skills. Introducing her character, Park Ji-hoo said, “In-hye is a girl who doesn’t want to become a burden for her sisters”, adding “She always tries to run toward the top. While acting as In-hye, I realized that I wanted to grow up with her.”

Regarding the chemistry between the three sisters, Kim Go-eun shared, “From the first script reading, we were already like sisters”, adding “Nam Ji-hyun looked like a real reporter and I was very surprised. Park Ji-hoo is very small and precious. I hope you enjoying seeing the three of us together”.

Appearing as consultant Choi Do-il, who graduated from a prestigious university in the U.K, Wi Ha-joon said, “Do-il has a firm belief in money”, adding “I tried my best to express his rational and cold-hearted appearance”.

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PD Kim Hee-won also shared, “Starting with the reality that everyone can relate to, it will become an unimaginable grand story. There are many complicated and hidden plot twists”, raising the viewers’ expectations.

The first episode of “Little Women” will air at 9:10 p.m on September 3rd.

Source: Dispatch

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