Kim Go-eun, Kim Tae-ri, Chun Woo-hee, are they the current top 3?

“Actress Troika” is used in Korea to talk about the top 3 best actresses at the time.

There was a time when people keep talking about something called the “Actress Troika.” Actresses Moon Hee, Yoon Jung-hee, and Nam Jung-im were “honored” as heroes of the silver screen, bearing the title of the first “Troika”. The next generation of actresses started to captivate fans by going back and forth between the silver screen and the small screen at home in the 1970s. Until now, the expression of “Troika” has been used frequently and has been recognized for its representation. Since then, many Troika combinations have come and gone, but they always lacked a 2% of something.

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What do the actress Troikas have in common? Most of them are given the title of “beauty,” as if one has to be pretty, beautiful, and slim enough to qualify for a spot in the Troika.

However, in 2022, the world has changed. According to the author of this article, the current top 3 actresses are Kim Go-eun, Kim Tae-ri, and Chun Woo-hee (in alphabetical order). 

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They are still a trio like before, but the author won’t call them a troika. This is because they live a completely different life than their senior actresses of the previous century. Regardless of gender, the title of “beauty” has disappeared, and the global market is now an active stage beyond the border of age, race and nationality. Above all, they reject a uniform framework and are full of individuality.

First is Kim Go-eun, who is exploding in popularity with the drama “Little Women.” At a young age, she has already shot several representative works. Starting with “Cheese in the Trap” in 2016 and stepping into stardom with Goblin, many might feels like she is specialized in the role of a Cinderella who is born in a poor family but continues to overcome adversity. However, in “Little Women,” she has upgraded her filmography with a female warrior image.

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Kim Tae-ri is evenly active in both movies and dramas. Following “Mr. Sunshine” (2018), Kim Tae-ri showed the extreme charm of a cheerful adolescent high school girl with “Twenty-five, Twenty-one” earlier this year, which is a totally different role from her “Captain Jang” in the movie “Space Sweepers.”

Chun Woo-hee’s name is never left out when talking about colorful transformation. In Director Na Hong-jin’s horror movie “The Wailing” (2016), she wandered through the hills with her long hair let loose, while in “Be Melodramatic,” she is Lim Jin-ju, a new broadcasting writer who travels around the city center. Neither side of her is awkward or unfamiliar. If an actress is good at acting, she can turn herself into the given character no matter where he goes.

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One more thing these actresses have in common. Even though their popularity is soaring, they film more acting works than CFs. They clearly set themselves off against other celebrity actors who made only an acting hit before focusing on advertising.

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