Kim Go-eun Joins Jeon Do-yeon in Upcoming Drama ‘The Price of Confession’

According to Star News on Jan 17th, Kim Go-eun is set to join the new drama, which revolves around a murder case, with the main character played by Jeon Do-yeon.

‘The Price of Confession’ depicts the crimson chronicles of two women entangled in a murder case. Jeon Do-yeon takes on the role of the main character.

kim go eun

In this drama, Kim Go-eun will portray another female lead alongside Jeon Do-yeon. The details of Kim Go-eun’s participation in ‘The Price of Confession’ are currently being finalized.

This marks the second collaboration between Kim Go-eun and Jeon Do-yeon, with their first meeting in the 2015 film ‘Memories of the Sword,’ receiving much love from the audience.

Additionally, Kim Go-eun is gearing up for her upcoming movie ‘Exhuma,’ scheduled to be released in February, adding to the anticipation surrounding her diverse activities this year.

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