Kim Go-eun could not hide her fan sentiment for Park Eun-bin any longer in new social media update 

Kim Go-eun’s reaction to Park Eun-bin’s appearance on “You Quiz” created positive feelings for followers and fans. 

Kim Go-eun expressed her admiration for Park Eun-bin.

Actress Kim Go-eun recently posted a photo on her personal social account showing herself watching an episode of tvN’s entertainment program “You Quiz on the Block” where Park Eun-bin was a guest. 

Above all, Kim Go-eun left a teary-eyed emoticon and the thumbs-up one, expressing her the sentiment of a fan toward Park Eun-bin, conveying a warmth to her followers and netizens.

Currently, Kim Go-eun appeared in the tvN drama “Little Women” which tells the story of three poor but close sisters confronting the richest and most powerful family in Korea. Her musical movie “Hero” is also scheduled to air in the near future.

Source: nate

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