Ki Tae-young and Eugene’s daughter grows up to look like her mother in the newest update

Actress Eugene from SES shared her happy daily life with her family.

On March 21st, Eugene posted a photo on her personal Instagram account with the caption, ”Roro sisters. Ready warm-up posture before swimming.”

In the photo, the two sisters Rohee and Rorin are doing warm-up exercises before going swimming. The cute appearance of the ‘Roro Sisters‘, who wear pink swimsuits and show off their cute looks, makes viewers smile.

Then, Eugene posted several photos taken at the campsite with the caption, “First family camping. Fire pit. Roasted marshmallows. Fireworks. Fireworks powder. Try everything you can.”

In the photo, the ‘Roro Sisters‘ are enjoying their first family camping trip while eating marshmallows and setting off fireworks. In addition, two pictures of Eugene boast a fairy tale that does not change with time, and Rohee shows off a beauty that resembles her mother as she grows older, catching the eye of fans.

Eugene is married to actor Ki Tae-young in 2011 and is enjoying a happy marriage together with two daughters.

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