Kang Yong-seok attacked a non-celeb woman who looks like actor Soo-ae after talking down on FreeZia’s bare face

Kang Yong-seok, a lawyer at the Garosero Research Institute, once again attacked the outer appearance of women.   

Lawyer Kang criticized FreeZia’s bare face on Facebook on the 23rd. He did not hesitate to disparage her appearance, saying “Don’t be fooled by her makeup. Let’s look at it again under the light. This is FreeZia’s bare face.” Netizens criticized him for his intention to maliciously attack FreeZia.


Lawyer Kang Yong-seok posted another post on his Facebook on Jan 28th.  Kang Yong-seok shared on his profile a past interview with a non-celebrity woman.

At the time, this woman said, “My appearance was as outstanding as actor Soo-ae (Park Soo-ae). I only wore 7cm high heels.” In the meantime, she expressed extraordinary pride in her appearance, saying, “There’s also this criticism regarding the cultural mysophobia that female activist students all wear jeans and have short haircut.” 

Attorney Kang dug out the contents of this interview and said, “You have to have a conscience. What did Su-Ae do wrong to you? Miss, this isn’t right. I will never say who Kyung-won really look like.” 

soo ae

The interviewee pointed out by lawyer Kang Yong-seok was the Justice Party’s presidential candidate Shim Sang Jung.

Candidate Shim Sang Jung was interviewed by the JoongAng Ilbo in 2012, when she was a presidential candidate for the Progressive Justice Party, which is the predecessor of the Justice Party. Referring to her appearance in college, candidate Shim recalled, “I was as outstanding as actor Soo-ae.” In this regard, the JoongAng Ilbo described the atmosphere at the time as, “When we took out a photo of a freshman with long straight hair and short skirt at the beginning of the interview and asked, ‘Who is this?’ Rep. Shim Sang Jung received it with a confident smile.”

The following is a photo of Shim Sang Jung when she was young.


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