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Kang Ji Young x Heo Young Ji, KARA is still very popular…Eat and drink in Japan (Battle Trip 2)

Kang Ji Young and Heo Young Ji will reveal their “delicious food” trip that even confirmed their friendship.

On the April 8th broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Battle Trip 2”, the second story of travel designers Lee Hye Jung and Hong Yoon Hwa, KARA Kang Ji Young and Heo Young Ji‘s trips to Taiwan and Japan will be unveiled.

Kang Ji Young and Heo Young Ji, who went on a trip to Kyoto and Osaka (Japan), spend a night in Kyoto then head to Osaka. Upon arriving in Osaka, the two taste traditional box sushi Hakozushi at a sushi restaurant founded in 1841. They raise curiosity about Hakozushi’s taste by gathering opinions to open a sushi restaurant.

Kang Jiyoung Heo Youngji

The two move to Dotonbori, a street food paradise, and taste takoyaki at a street table. A lot of people gather in the surrounding area, proving KARA’s popularity once again. Afterwards, the two visit a “real local” restaurant in Dotonbori. They admire while eating beef cutlet sandwich containing the best beef in Japan.

On the evening of the second day, they visit a Japanese-style pub. They spend a happy time tasting various grilled dishes at the Robatayaki restaurant, which grills all the ingredients in front of you. Heo Young Ji arouses curiosity by giving 3 stars, saying, “It’s the style I want.”

In particular, after finishing the trip to Japan prepared by Kang Ji Young, Heo Young Ji says, “I want to come back with the members.” Kang Ji Young also confirms their friendship, “It was good to be with you.”

With Lee Hye Jung and Hong Yoon Hwa’s trip to Taiwan and Kang Ji Young and Heo Young Ji’s trip to Japan all revealed, which team will win and be recognized as a gourmet travel master can be found on KBS 2TV’s “Battle Trip 2”, which is scheduled to air at 10:45 PM on April 8th.

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