Kang Ha Neul Reveals Ji Chang Wook as the Actor He Has Kissed the Most in His Career

Ji Chang Wook has also admitted to kissing Kang Ha Neul more times than his on-screen lover, Park Min Young

Recently, actor Kang Ha Neul and actress Jung So Min appeared together on the popular YouTube show “The K-Star Next Door”, hosted by Jonathan, to promote their new movie “30 Days”. Surprisingly, Jonathan suddenly revealed a photo of Kang Ha Neul and Ji Chang Wook from the past, along with some untold stories. From this point on, the male actor mentioned a close sibling kiss.

ji chang wook

“Did you kiss Ji Chang Wook?” Jonathan asked Kang Ha Neul, looking perplexed. It turns out that Ha Neul and Chang Wook shared a shocking kiss on the stage of the musical “Thrill Me” several years ago. In each performance of this play, the two artists kissed two to three times. “To date, Ji Chang Wook is the actor I have kissed the most in my career,” Kang Ha Neul affirmed. Previously, Ji Chang Wook had also admitted to sharing deep kisses with Kang Ha Neul during the production of “Thrill Me,” even more than his on-screen lover Park Min Young in the drama “Healer.”

kang ha neul
Kang Ha Neul confirmed that Ji Chang Wook is the actor he has kissed the most in his career.
kang ha neul
Kang Ha Neul came to the show to promote his new work with Jung So Min…
ji chang wook
… but the story of his kiss with Ji Chang Wook in the musical from many years ago became the focal point of the conversation.

Ji Chang Wook also admitted to kissing Kang Ha Neul more than Park Min Young on screen, despite the fact that the “Healer” couple had created a stir in the Korean entertainment industry with their frequent on-screen kisses in the 20-episode drama.

Kang Ha Neul also shared his experience and important lessons learned from intimate scenes with his close friend: “In the end, I realized why men should shave before kissing.” Although the scene was somewhat shocking, it was a valuable opportunity for Kang Ha Neul to enhance his acting skills and gain experience for future kissing scenes with female co-stars.

Kang Ha Neul and Ji Chang Wook are both highly talented and handsome actors with a reputation in the Korean entertainment industry. They collaborated in the famous and award-winning musical “Thrill Me,” and their highly sought-after kiss became a hot topic for many years. These two actors later became close friends.

kang ha neul
Kang Ha Neul and Ji Chang Wook remain close friends, maintaining their friendship even after their collaboration.
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