Kang Daniel’s latest appearance at the meeting with the distributor starts his comeback countdown

Kang Daniel started his comeback countdown with a meeting with the music distributor.

Kang Daniels recently held a music distribution meeting with Kakao M. The fact that the company is holding a meeting with a distributor is that it has finished the physical albums or has completed at least half of it. This also means that a comeback is near. “They briefly set the release date of our album and hold a meeting with the distributor. Meeting the distributor means that the album is finished or almost finished,” an entertainment industry insider said.

Person A, who is a close aide to Kang Daniel and is also mentioned in the dispute with his management agency LM Entertainment, also appeared at the meeting. A K-pop insider hinted that person A was looking into Kang Daniel’s record distribution company, and that person had had a meeting with Kakao M last week and had gone back and forth with positive progress.

Kang Daniels was preparing for his solo debut and left for the U.S. in April to work on his song. Person A also accompanied him at that time. The person is known to have shared the U.S. schedule with Kang Daniel. Attention is focusing on whether A is helping Kang Daniel’s solo debut as his closest aide or A will practically be in charge of his management.

Kang Daniel recently established his one-man agency, Konnect Entertainment, and has officially freed himself. Earlier this year, there were disputes between him and his former agency LM Entertainment regarding exclusive contracts, but the court ruled in favor of Kang Daniel. Kang Daniel has been moving aggressively to make a comeback after the court decided that he is allowed to do of entertainment activities regardless of LM Entertainment.

Kang Daniels is in the final stages of preparation with the goal of making a comeback in July which is expected to receive a heated response.

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