K-pop is undergoing new changes in privileged sound and concept 

When too many K-pop groups are pursuing edgy concepts with loud sounds, listeners opt for the opposite. 

After a period of experimenting with bold concepts and experimental sounds, K-pop girl groups are making a return to soothing and “easy-to-digest” sounds.


Now that it’s the summer season, K-pop groups are making a turn to a simpler concept.

Recently, NMIXX is making a hit with “Love Me Like This”, a complete opposite of their previously released songs, such as “O.O” and “Dice”. If the latter falls under the Mixxpop category characterized by harsh sound and hard-to-understand lyrics, “Love Me Like This” approached Mixxpop in a more sophisticated way and contains digestible lyrics.

The song was well-received among the public and charted well on MelOn. This achievement has not been accomplished by NMIXX’s previous releases.

This trend is taking place across new groups, regardless of gender, such as H1-KEY, TNX, and ATBO. They share a common trait of heavy electronic sound with upbeat feel. The concept also transitions from a dark color to brighter shades.


After the change, those groups witness a growth in album sales. Overall, rookie K-pop groups are opting for changes, if not abandoning their initial concepts.

However, when more established groups with strong electronic influence in music such as Stray Kids, NCT, and aespa have not shown signs of lowered popularity, NewJeans can be considered a pioneer of change.

According to a pop critic, amidst the vast array of bold and edgy works, pleasant sounds and simple concepts are the new uniqueness that captures attention. BTS and NCT Dream are prime examples of this change.

Newly debuting K-pop groups such as FIFTY FIFTY and CSR have been hitting it big with their bright concepts with songs such as “Cupid” and “♡Ticon”. HYBE’s new K-pop boy group BOYNEXTDOOR is also following a “your boy next door” concept, signaling a new wave of change in the K-pop industry.

Source: zingnews

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