K-pop Idols Deliver Chuseok Greetings In Colorful Hanboks (U-KISS, INFINITE, NewJeans And More)

Many idol groups have been sending special greetings to fans in celebration of the Chuseok holiday

First, second-generation boy group U-KISS released a group photo with all members wearing hanboks to mark Chuseok, a national holiday. The members said, “We hope you have a good time with your family this Chuseok and take good care of your health”, adding “We were able to meet everyone this year with five members and we will show better appearances, so please wait a little longer”.


INFINITE also gathered as a whole group and wore stylish hanboks to film a Chuseok greeting video. The members clapped excitedly and showed enthusiastic reactions when leader Kim Sung-gyu delivered the first greeting. Nam Woo-hyun emphasized, “This year’s Chuseok feels more special because all six members can finally greet Inspirit (INFINITE’s fandom) together after such a long time.” After recalling memories of the past years with INFINITE activities, the members said, “Don’t forget to make a wish on the full moon and hope the rest of 2023 will be full of good things for Inspirit”.


BB Girls released new content to celebrate the Chuseok holiday. The members said, “I hope we can put aside our busy work for a moment and enjoy this Chuseok holiday with fans to the fullest”, adding “I hope we can make happier memories with fans”.

On September 28th, Woollim Entertainment uploaded on its official YouTube channel a Chuseok greeting video of its artists, including Lee Soo-jung, Golden Child, Rocket Punch, DRIPPIN, and Kwon Eun-bi. 


Lee Soo-jung said, “I hope we will spend the rest of this year healthily and happily together”. Golden Child members, who are active in various fields, including dramas, musicals, entertainment, and radio, shared, “Eat a lot of delicious food and have a safe holiday”. Rocket Punch added, “We hope everyone can rest well and have a good time with your precious people this holiday”. DRIPPIN sent an affectionate Chuseok wish to fans, while ‘Waterbomb Goddess’ Kwon Eun-bi cheerfully said, “I hope you will receive great energy from the full moon and always be happy”.


NewJeans delivered holiday greetings full of gratitude to fans. The members confessed, “This is our second Chuseok with Bunnies (NewJeans’s fandom). We were very happy to meet you guys in various ways this year”. The members then talked about their plans for Chuseok, such as relaxing, spending time with their families, and visiting nice places to take pictures. Lastly, they said, “Hope you guys enjoy your precious time this Chuseok holiday”.

Source: Daum

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