K-pop Agency Under Fire for Overly Sexualizing Female Idol 

The recent appearance of a female idol at the music festival Waterbomb has lead to criticism of over sexualization. 

Recently, the famous music festival 2024 Waterbomb was held in Korea, concluding its 1st days with various satisfying performances of K-pop stars. Among those, Jeewon, a member of girl group Cignature, drew significant attention, even earning the title of “Waterbomb Goddess”, which was previously bestowed on Kwon Eunbi. 

However, Jeewon’s appearance at Waterbomb has led to severe criticism towards her agency, C9 Entertainment. In particular, the female idol performed in a blue and pink bikini, a short pink skirt, and a matching pink single-sleeved cardigan, raising allegations of over sexualization. 


According to fans, Jeewon’s skirt was excessively short, leading to the bikini bottom peaking out with every move, while no safety shorts were provided. 

In fact, comments such as, “Her bikini bottom keeps showing… She must be suffering”, “The outfit is a little excessive”, and “Oh my… the back of the pants… it keeps showing”, can be seen under related topics on Korean forums. 


Meanwhile, international fans also did not react well, leaving words like “I’m not comfortable with how C9 are marketing Jeewon”. 

Some also brought up a past incident when the female idol was asked to become a porn actress, allegedly that C9 (Jeewon’s agency) are trying to sexualize her. 

Source: Krb, theqoo

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