K-netizens pointed out a weird dance that many girl groups performed but most of their fans dislike

Many netizens pointed out this dance and said they couldn’t understand why choreographers favored it.

There are several familiar dance moves that we can easily see in the choreographies of many different KPOP groups and singers. In fact, choreographies are often repeated because they are trendy or suitable for the songs’ concepts, etc. However, Korean netizens recently pointed out one dance that appears in many girl groups’ choreographies but is disliked by most of the groups’ fans.

K-netizens pointed out a weird danc

The mentioned dance is called the “dog leg dance”. It appears in many choreographies of 2nd generation and 3rd generation girl groups’ songs, such as Wonder Girls’s “Like This”, SNSD’s “Gee” and “Lion Heart”, Girl’s Day’s “Ring My Bell”, Oh My Girl’s “Windy Day”, TWICE’s “Fancy”, etc.

Netizens commented saying even with these famous girl group members’ outstanding visual and perfect dancing skills, this “dog leg dance” is still a weird choreography. Many complain that this dance looks neither beautiful nor cool, but would look really funny if it is done wrongly. That’s why many Korean fans couldn’t understand why it is used by so many KPOP choreographers.

Some comments from K-netizens:

  • I agree. I really hate this dance. I don’t understand why they have to put this dance in the choreographies.
  • This “dog leg dance” is originally weird, not just because it is used for girl groups’ choreographies
  • This is so true. The “dog leg dance” in SNSD’s “Lion Heart” performance looks really awkward
  • This is the dance that I don’t want any girl group or boy group to do
  • If idols do this dance properly, they will look so cool. But most girl group members have skinny legs, and this make the dance looks extremely funny
  • I hate this dance in “Lion Heart”
  • I think only Oh My Girl did this dance in the song “Windy Day” well, the rest look so weird
  • Why did they use this “dog leg dance” for TWICE’s choreography? I hate it so much. Please stop using it
  • Park Jin Young seems to like this dance… It has been used ever since Wonder Girls era
  • I’m sick of it. TWICE members are all pretty but they have to do such a weird dance


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