K-netizens pick the worst entertainment companies in K-pop: HYBE is the only big agency that gets called out

GFRIEND is one of the reasons why HYBE is chosen by many Korean netizens as the company they can’t stand. 

Recently, a discussion has been brought up on Nate Pann over the worst entertainment companies in K-pop history. In response to the question “Which entertainment company do you think is the trashiest?”, there are about 5 familiar agencies that get called out the most by Korean netizens for treating not only their own artists but also the fans poorly over the years.

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Most of the companies mentioned in this topic are small and medium-sized companies, the most prominent of which are FNC Entertainment and TS Entertainment. These agencies have many times faced public criticism from both their artists and fans, or even lawsuits in more serious cases. Although BIG 3 have many problems with their management that make fans dissatisfied, they have not reached the point of being labeled “trashy”. However, another big company, HYBE, appeared in lots of comments. One of the biggest reasons for Korean netizens’ outrage towards HYBE is GFRIEND‘s heartbreaking disbandment. 

“For me, it’s gotta be FNC. But recently HYBE is also catching up”

“When it comes to the trashiest entertainment companies, FNC is the legend of all legends…”

“TS. A company whose artists all end up filing a lawsuit against them for unfair income distribution. Secret, BAP, Sleepy, Sonamoo,… Honestly, I don’t think any company can beat TS when it comes to the trashy level.”

“FNC is the worst”

“I really want to say my bias’s company but to be fair, it’s TS ㅋㅋ With other agencies it’s only a matter between the fans but for TS, it’s related to legal and lawsuits…”

“3 groups that HYBE ruined: 8Eight, 2AM, GFRIEND”

“TS wins this for sure”

“Kim Kwangsoo’s MBK and Starship. These two are legendary. Other companies are bad but with Starship and MBC, since the CEOs themselves are trashy, it can only get worse from there. The artists don’t get paid and are mistreated.”

“HYBE. In my entire life as a fan, I’ve never seen a company that makes fans want to leave the fandom all the time, not because of the idol’s scandal but the company’s terrible management… I miss when Bang PD was in charge. When will HYBE wake up?”

“HYBE. They ignore all the fans’ feedbacks even though we keep pointing out a lot of problems”

“FNC is a very odd company. A lot of artists openly swear at the company on TV but then re-sign with FNC. Even those who hate the company are all fans of FNC artists”

“HYBE ㅋㅋㅋㅋ How many people in their board of directors are actually experts in the entertainment industry? All of them are people who work in the IT field, so they will never understand fans’ thoughts and feelings. Aside from discriminating against top artists, not giving them proper space to work, the mystery of not firing their stylists, artists rarely getting to release individual OSTs yet lacking promotions,… and the list goes on.”


“FNC. It’s the first time in my life as a fan that I’ve seen such a trashy company”

“HYBE. Especially Pledis”

Which is the worst entertainment company in K-pop in your opinion?

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