K-drama characters who share the same name but vastly different fates 

Despite sharing the same names, these K-drama characters lead lives that couldn’t be any more different 

Yo Han 

There are 3 remarkable K-drama male leads who are all named Yo Han – the doctor Cha Yo Han in “Doctor John”, the judge Kang Yo Han in “The Devil Judge”, and the unlucky law student Kim Yo Han in “Insider”

Funnily enough, while Ji Sung played the first two Yo Han, Cha Yo Han is an headstrong yet empathic doctor, while Kang Yo Han is cold, decisive, and willing to do everything for justice. 

Meanwhile, the 3rd and final Yo Han, played by talented actor Kang Ha Neul, led a miserable fate, and only managed to survive his endless obstacles with an insane will power and intelligence. 

While the trio are different characters, they all share the same trait: their lives are filled with challenges. It seems as if the writers of the 3 Yo Hans met up and decided the name is synonymous with adversities. 


While Eugene is an English name and therefore is rather rare in Korea, two K-drama characters actually carry such a name. 

First, we have Choi Eugene of “Mr. Sunshine”, who was played by star actor Lee Byung Hun. This Eugene was an abandoned child who was both smart and brave, and managed to crawl his way up to the top despite having nothing to his name. Choi Eugene was fluent in 3 languages, and could be considered a legendary hero in his tale. 

Meanwhile, the 2nd Eugune, Han Eugene in “Money Game”, was played by actor Teo Yoo. Also fluent in 3 languages, yet Han Eugene was a cunning villain instead of the series’ hero. 

However, while he was convincing and scheming, Han Eugene was still deeply attractive with his “bad boy” and alluring appearance. 


Two Yumis were introduced in 2022 K-dramas. First, it’s Kim Go Eun’s Yumi in “Yumi’s Cells”, an ordinary office worker with a love life that is filled with ups and downs. After 2 seasons, Yumi went through two relationships with two different guys but ended up parting ways with both of them. Every cell in Yumi longs to be loved, but the right man for her has yet to appear. 

The second Yumi is Suzy’s Yumi in “Anna”. Suzy’s version of Yumi struggles a lot more in life. She was born into a poor family and went to Seoul alone to make a living. To not make her family worried, she keeps lying about her real situation. Eventually, from a seemingly harmless lie, she becomes someone who steals another person’s identity and starts living a completely different life. 

Ki Hoon

When the name Ki Hoon is mentioned, most K-drama fans will immediately think of the main character from the global sensation “Squid Game”, portrayed by Lee Jung Jae. Sung Ki Hoon in “Squid Game” is a divorced, gambling-addict, and debt-ridden man. In brief, he is dubbed a “failure” in society. He fails to take care of his own family members but acts righteous around strangers. 

A middle-aged man with no special strengths suddenly receives an invitation to join a survival game with a tempting prize. The game ends up changing his life forever. He finally wins the huge amount of money, but pays the highest price of losing his mother. 

Another Ki Hoon is Jung Ki Hoon played by Koo Kyo Hwan in “Monstrous”. He absolutely contradicts Sung Ki Hoon. Jung Ki Hoon is a talented and courageous researcher who is willing to find out the truth about the mysteries he faces. 

As an archaeologist who specializes in searching for bizarre supernatural phenomena, Ki Hoon never stops being curious or skipping things he wants to dig deep into, even when they can get him into trouble or danger. 

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