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K-drama actor and actress who kept fighting off-camera even during the filming of their kiss scene 

Although they were playing a couple, this actor and actress did not get along well in real life. 

In the new episode of MBC’s “Radio Star” broadcast on September 21st, actor Lee Jang Woo made a guest appearance. Here, he recalled the kiss scene he did with actress Uee and revealed a surprising episode. 

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Lee Jang Woo and Uee worked together as a couple in KBS2’s drama “My Only One”, which recorded the highest nationwide viewership rating of 49.4% in 2019.

Lee Jang Woo drew attention by making a surprise confession, “I fought with Uee a lot.”

radio star

They were revealed to be busy fighting whenever the camera was turned off, even if they were just looking at each other with honey-dripping eyes while filming a kiss scene.

Lee Jang Woo explained the situation at the time, saying, “The staff on the filming set even said they got goosebumps watching us fight then kiss each other.”

radio star

Uee was crying while filming, but as soon as the director shouted “Cut!”, she told Lee Jang Woo, “Come here,” and they started fighting again. 

Lee Jang Woo said, “We’re getting along really well right now,” with a smile, reassuring fans that he and Uee are on good terms now.

radio star

Meanwhile, Lee Jang Woo debuted in MBC’s “90 Days, Time to Love” in 2006, and released an album as a singer with the group 24/7 in 2009.

Since then, he has starred in KBS2’s “Three Brothers”, MBC’s “Ohjaryongi Ganda”, MBC “Taehee, Hyekyo, Jihyun!”, and KBS2’s “Homemade Love Story”.  

Recently, Lee Jang Woo appeared in the musical “Crash Landing on You” as Ri Jeong Hyuk. Thanks to the popularity of the original drama, the musical “Crash Landing on You” has been a hot topic since the production stage. 

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