JYP’s rookie girlgroup completes “7-member lineup” with “KPOP STAR 4” Lily M

JYP Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as JYP) revealed the last member of their rookie group, which is set to debut in February next year.

JYP opened a new YouTube channel “JYPn” in August and released promotional contents of their new girl group scheduled to debut in February next year. Earlier, six members, including Jinni, Jiwoo, Kyujin, Sullyoon, Bae, and Haewon, were unveiled. The last member to have a cover and complete the 2022 rookie girl group was Lily. Lily, known as “Lily M” to many viewers, appeared about six years ago on SBS’s “K-Pop Star Season 4,” which ended successfully in April 2015. Thanks to her prior popularity, Lily’s upcoming debut leads to an explosive response from both domestic and foreign K-pop fans as well as the public.

In this video, Lily appeared with a groovy rhythm background and sang Bruno Mars’s “Finesse” with her powerful voice. She still owns the soulful and unrivaled charm that attracted the audiences’ attention. In addition, Lily performed with a relaxed appearance and even smiled with the live band, making the small space feel like a concert stage. Her unique movements, like steps and gestures, also maximized the exciting atmosphere of the song.

In particular, with Lily, who has spent 6 years training, joining the team, JYP’s next girl group has been confirmed to have 7 members. Therefore, KPOP fans have raised high expectations for the strongest combination of Jinni, Jiwoo, Kyujin, Sulyoon, Bae, Haewon, and Lily, who are equipped with outstanding visuals and great singing and dancing skills.

JYPn Lily

JYP has once again proved their reputation as the “master in producing girl groups” with a high-quality rookie group consisting of members with solid skills and special charms. Division 4, which was newly established for the 2022 Rookie Girl Group project, has launched an extraordinary and fresh project called “JYPn” and is arousing keen attention from global fans. The new girl group’s debut album limited edition – “Blind Package”, which had been sold even before any information of the group was disclosed, recorded 61,667 pre-orders. Moreover, the official Youtube channel of “JYPn” has also become a hot topic online as its accumulative views surpassed 12.23 million in only 3 months after its opening.

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