JYP’s New Girl Group’s Final Name May Have Been Leaked Through A New Trademark Registration

What are your thoughts on the name?

While JYP Entertainment‘s upcoming girl group is now known as JYPn, that is not their official name. There hasn’t been any official announcement of the JYPn project’s name until now, but it may have been revealed in a recent trademark application.

Since ITZY debuted two and a half years ago, JYPn has been the project name for JYP Entertainment’s first new girl group. Currently, four members of the group have been revealed:

Sullyoon, a 17-year-old,

Jinni, a 17-year-old girl,

Jiwoo, a 16-year-old girl,

Kyujin, who is 15 years old.

The pre-debut name JYPn was chosen to symbolize various meanings, according to press releases: “next,” “now,” “new,” and “n” itself, which is generally used to indicate an unknown number or factor.

Many name theories have surfaced among early fans since the group’s announcement. Initially, it was thought that JYPn’s official name would be SQU4D, implying a four-member group. SQU4D, on the other hand, is the name of JYP Entertainment’s “Division 4,” the division that is anticipated to oversee the new female group.

Neora (a mix of “neo,” meaning “new,” and “era”), Xdinary Heroes (a shorter form of “extraordinary heroes”), and Cherryz (a name that has been circulating since only months after ITZY’s debut) are among the other names that have been suggested.

However, a new trademark filing may have disclosed JYP Entertainment’s new female group’s actual identity. The business registered for a new trademark under the term NMIXX on September 13th.

At first sight, NMIXX appears to be a plausible name for JYPn, considering the emphasis on the letter “N.” Furthermore, it is quite similar to 6MIX. 6MIX was the original name for Jihyo, Jeongyeon, Sana, and Nayeon, as well as two additional trainees, who formed the pre-debut JYP Entertainment group that preceded TWICE. The team was originally scheduled to debut in 2014 or 2015, however it was “disbanded” ahead of SIXTEEN, and TWICE ultimately took its place.

Fans have discovered a Twitter account with the name @NMIXX official, which was formed the same month as the official JYPn Twitter. However, because Twitter users may alter their names at any moment, it’s conceivable that the account was acquired by a fan after the NMIXX trademark was revealed.

Aside from that, JYPn’s present logo might be another hint.

If you look attentively, you’ll find that the formation contains all of the letters of NMIXX.

The trademark is currently solely registered in the categories of cosmetics and perfumes, digital media such as CDs, and jewelry—all of which are common classifications for trademarked goods. K-Pop group names are frequently registered under business and entertainment classifications. However, it is not unusual for businesses to file trademark applications in these areas at a later period.

It’s also worth noting that ITZY’s name was initially revealed to the public four months before their debut, via trademark applications.

Overall, while there’s no assurance that NMIXX was trademarked for JYPn, it appears to be a logical match. Meanwhile, opinions on the name are mixed. While some believe NMIXX is a good fit for the group, others prefer the previously suggested names. However, group names like ITZY, which are now well-known, were first received with conflicting reactions. With JYPn set to debut in the first half of 2022, it won’t be long until the actual name is revealed.

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