Jung Sung Il Joins Netflix Film “Jeon, Ran” as Cruel Vanguard Leader in Japanese Military

“The Glory” star Jung Sung Il has been cast in Netflix’s upcoming film “Jeon, Ran”.

According to the agency Keyeast on June 8th, Jung Sung Il, who has been actively engaged in both theater and musicals since Netflix’s hit series “The Glory,” will return to Netflix with a new production.

jung sung il

Netflix’s film “Jeon, Ran,” chosen by Jung Sung Il, depicts the story of Jong Ryeo (Park Jung Min), the son of the greatest warrior family in Joseon, and his bodyguard Cheon Yeong (Kang Dong Won). They grew up together, became enemies and met again in the era of confusion caused by the Japanese invasions of Korea.

In the drama, Jung Sung Il takes on the role of Gen Shin, a cruel vanguard leader of the Japanese military, who recognizes Cheon Yeong’s exceptional swordsmanship. He is expected to bring tension to the film and portray a ruthless and cold-blooded character, something he has never shown before.

jung sung il

In “The Glory,” Jung Sung Il played Ha Do Yeong, a character with unwavering composure and a strong inner self, willing to do anything to protect his loved ones.

Curiosity is growing about the transformative visual that will erase Jung Sung Il’s previous nice image in “The Glory”. The film “Jeon, Ran” is set to be released exclusively on Netflix.

Source: Daum. 

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