Jung Ryeo-won Reveals Thoughts On Modern Fashion, “Underwear Should Be Worn Inside”

Actress Jung Ryeo-won commented on the underwear fashion trend and talked about her stylings in a recent drama

On May 27th, the official YouTube channel of Allure Korea released an interview video titled “How to Emulate Jung Ryeo-won’s Aesthetic!”.

In the video, Jung Ryeo-won looked at her past SNS photos and shared the stories behind them. She said, “I had naturally wavy hair even as a kid, but as I get older, it tends to get frizzier. Many people think I’ve permed my hair, but I just wash it and place these little finger pins like this, and let it air dry without using a hairdryer. That’s how my hair ends up looking like this.”

jung ryeo won

When asked if she would challenge the curly “jelly perm” hairstyle, the actress responded, “I think if I washed my hair and blow-dried it forcefully, it might turn out like this.” She added, “In Australia, the water is different, so my hair tends to puff up when I’m abroad. That’s why I often carry hats when I travel overseas. The sunlight is very harsh overseas, and surely, my hair would be a mess, so I always make sure to bring a ball cap”, revealing a photo taken by her dad.

Jung Ryeo-won shared, “I prefer things I can wear frequently in daily life. Wearing sets is the easiest and best. Tracksuits are the most comfortable. I often wear tracksuits on set. They are like workwear for me.”

jung ryeo won

When asked, “Can you try underwear fashion?”, the actress firmly said, “Underwear should be worn inside. I guess that makes me old-fashioned”.

She added, “These days, I see friends who look good wearing modern styles, but I tend to dress more classically. I might try it for a photoshoot, but I’m too scared to wear it casually. I just can’t do it”.

Regarding her classic look in the ongoing drama “The Midnight Romance in Hagwon”, Jung Ryeo-won said it fits her usual styling the most. The actress said, “Among all the roles I’ve had, I think this one dressed most like me, and pulled off a look that’s very similar to mine”, adding “These are my casual clothes. A few of my coats and I wore my scarves. And this time I had to carry a lot of big bags. So I rotated a few of my own bags and mixed a lot of my own clothes into the drama’s wardrobe”.

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