Jung Eun Ji, “I can drink about 5 bottles of soju, and drink for 12 hours”

Apink member Jung Eun Ji honestly revealed her concerns, ranging from trivial TMI to more serious matters.

On the 25th, a video titled “Jin Chintalk with High-Quality 2MCs – Jung Eun Ji Edition,” was released on the YouTube channel “Xian’s Cool” operated by Xian.

Jung Eun Ji was not the only guest invited that day, as Kian84 also joined in. Kian84 stated, “Today’s episode will determine whether Xian should continue with his YouTube channel or not.” Although Jung Eun Ji felt the pressure of being in such an important position, she quickly asked Kian84 a question and held her own in the discussion.

JunG Eun Ji

Jung Eun Ji revealed that she can drink about five bottles of soju at once, stating, “I drink for a long time. I drink while talking, usually from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. the next day.” She also shared that she has changed her drinking habit from becoming louder to wanting to go home recently.

Kian84 revealed Xian’s drinking habits, saying, “Xian has a habit of drinking even after going to the karaoke. Last time, he was singing ‘I’m Sorry,’ and later, when he was talking to his sister-in-law on the phone, he said, ‘I’m sorry.’

When asked if she had a boyfriend, Jung Eun Ji responded, “No, who are you trying to introduce me to?” Xian teased her by saying, “He could be nearby, not far away.” Kian84 asked Jung Eun Ji about her ideal type, and she replied, “We need to be able to communicate well. We need to be able to talk for hours, and the conversation needs to be enjoyable. I like having serious conversations for a long time.

Also, when asked why she is so into exercising to build up her abs, Jung Eun Ji said, “It’s because of my herniated disc.  I had to sit down a few times while trying to wash my face.” When asked if she was worried about Apink’s activities, she said, “I just have to dance well while enduring the back pain.” 

Jung Eun Ji continued, “I am worried about how to take care of my health. I spent my twenties using her body too much. I prepared an album while overlapping two works. And when I look back later, I’m worried that I’ll only have memories of work.

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