Ju Ji Hoon to make a drama comeback as a doctor in “Severe Trauma Center: Golden Hour”

Actor Ju Ji Hoon is expected to return to the small screen with a doctor character in a new series called “Severe Trauma Center: Golden Hour”.

According to an official in the drama industry on January 3rd, Ju Ji Hoon has confirmed his appearance in the web novel-based drama “Severe Trauma Center: Golden Hour”.

joo ji hoon

“Severe Trauma Center: Golden Hour” is a web novel written by Hansan Lee Ga, an ear-nose-and-throat doctor and Youtuber. It tells the story of a severe trauma team’s formation centering on doctor Baek Kang Hyuk, a professor and head of a Severe Trauma Center at a university hospital. As the novel was written by a real doctor using the image of Professor Lee Guk Jong, a specialist in curing trauma, as the model, it gained enthusiastic responses.

Ju Ji Hoon will play the main character Baek Kang Hyuk. Baek Kang Hyuk is a genius surgeon who leads the Severe Trauma Center at Hankuk University Hospital, Korea’s top university hospital. He’s a perfect person who is tall, handsome, and has unrivaled surgical skills.

joo ji hoon

Since the planning stage of “Severe Trauma Center: Golden Hour”, Ju Ji Hoon had already been mentioned as an ideal casting. In the end, the actor agreed to take the role of Baek Kang Hyuk and lead this work.

Ju Ji Hoon is currently filming a new drama “Dominant Species” by screenwriter Lee Soo Yeon of “Strangers”. The movie “Gentleman”, starring him as the male lead, has also premiered. 

An official from Ju Ji Hoon’s agency said, “The actor has received the casting offer and is reviewing it”.

Source: Daum

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