Joy’s Double Eyelid Surgery Sparks Debate: Fans Reflect on Her Former Natural Beauty

New Photos of Red Velvet's Joy After Double Eyelid Surgery Stir Debate Among Korean Netizens

Joy is one of the K-pop female idols who possesses a radiant, beautiful appearance and a charming, standout figure. The Red Velvet member has often caused a stir among passersby with her outstanding, captivating visual.

Recently, her beauty has been a hot topic on forums in South Korea after she underwent double eyelid surgery. Most people express regret over Joy’s naturally fresh and bright appearance.

Specifically, Joy has frequently appeared with swollen, unnatural eyelids, looking somewhat different. Furthermore, many people believe that the 1996-born beauty naturally tends to gain weight, and her round face makes the double eyelid surgery less flattering. However, the fan community believes that it is just because Joy has gained a little weight, making her face look puffier, and the decision for surgery should still be supported as long as it makes her feel more confident.

Joy once made many people unable to recognize her with a different-looking face, thinking it was overly photoshopped in the recent comeback with Red Velvet.

The swelling in the idol’s eyelids (possibly due to recent surgery) still looks quite swollen and not entirely natural, harmonizing with the overall facial structure.

Her latest appearance has become a hot topic on Korean social media. Many people question whether the decision to have double eyelid surgery has enhanced Joy’s beauty.

Some netizen comments:

  • She still looks pretty; I feel like it’s partly because of weight gain and recent surgery, so her face isn’t very refined yet!
  • I prefer Joy’s visual before the surgery; it felt more glamorous and luxurious.
  • As long as Joy is happy, she should do what she likes!
  • She still looks pretty; even with double eyelid surgery, she’s getting criticized.
  • It’s partly due to weight gain, but personally, I liked her look before the surgery more.

Source: k14

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