Journalist Kang predicted that Yang Hyun Suk will return to YG Entertainment eventually

The former director will wait after everything has finally calmed down.

Journalist Kang Kyung Yoon recently appeared as a guest on “Lim Yoon Sun’s Blueberry” aired on July 24th. The main topic of the episode was the entertainment business. The reason why journalist Kang was invited was that she is one of the first journalists to expose the “Burning Sun Gate”.

She commented: “YG Entertainment’s mechanism is like that of a dictatorial regime. The fact that they used power to cover up for any of their artists’ mistake has led to their current crisis. Even though Yang Hyun Suk has been listed as a suspect, he can still totally return to the company.”

The guests also talked about Big Hit Entertainment and how Bang Si Hyuk has failed with girl group GLAM after a member tried to blackmail actor Lee Byung Hun. They also discussed how JYP was revived by CEO Jung Wook after they had failed to bring Wonder Girls into the American market.

How do you think about journalist Kang’s prediction? Will it happen?

Source: tinnhac

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