Joo Jong-hyuk, “The group photo of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ team on SNS… We actually pretended to be laughing”

Actor Joo Jong-hyuk revealed his honest charm.

On August 16th, an interview video of Joo Jong-hyuk was uploaded on the Youtube channel “Cine21”.

The released video shows Joo Jong-hyuk spending time answering questions with 21 keywords. Referring to the group photo of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” team on Instagram, the actor revealed a behind-the-scenes story, saying “They said the photo would look natural if we counted 1 2 3 and pretended to be laughing, so we just did it”.

He shared, “To me, ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ is the luck that happened like a miracle”, adding “First of all, I feel so amazing and honored to see people recognize me and my name Joo Jong-hyuk”.

He also called out Kwon Min-woo’s name and said, “Min-woo, you’re getting cursed a lot. From now on, don’t speak ill of others or find their weaknesses. You’re a very smart young man, so believe in yourself and work harder to become a better attorney. I was happy to be with you,” expressing his affection for the character.

As for his goal for this year, Joo Jong-hyuk said, “First of all, it’s not to get sick. Also, my goal is to get another nickname like Tactician Kwon in the second half of the year.

Source: naver

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