“Best friends since before debut” Jo Se-ho and Irene Kim are so close to each other that dating rumors even arose

Jo Se-ho and model Irene Kim were recently rumored to be in a romantic relationship.

The broadcast of KBS 2TV’s program “Hong Kim Dong-jeon” on August 11th was decorated with “Summer Vacation Best Friend Special” in which the cast members’ best friends were invited as guests.

Hong Jin-kyung’s best friend Gree, Kim Sook’s best friend Kyung-ri, Jo Se-ho’s best friend Irene Kim, Joo Woo-jae’s best friend Lee Ki-kwang, and Woo-young’s best friend Sandara Park appeared together on the show.

Referring to Jo Se-ho’s fashion, Kim Sook commented, “Your outfit is so cute. You look like a kindergarten kid”. Jo Se-ho explained, “I remember going on picnics wearing like this when I was young”. 

Jo Woo-jae then said, “What kindergarten kid would wear a Chanel hat like that?”, drawing laughter as he mentioned the luxury brand. Kim Sook immediately looked at Jo Se-ho’s hat and said, “Is that a Chanel hat?”. In response, Jo Se-ho confidently said, “What’s the problem with it? They told me to do the childhood concept, so I just wore anything that gives such a feeling.”

At this moment, model and influencer Irene Kim, who dressed up in a blue jeans dress, appeared. Looking at Jo Se-ho’s hat, she said “I have one, too!?” and then took out her hat.

When the cast members got surprised and began to suspect that the two had prepared couple hats in advance, Jo Se-ho and Irene Kim immediately explained, “We didn’t say a word to each other”.

Kim Sook asked Jo Se-ho, “You’re really close to Irene, right? You two don’t look like best friends”. Jo Se-ho responded, “We’ve been friends for a long time. About 8 years”, adding “I’ve known Irene since before her debut. We accidentally met each other at an event of a French brand and started contacting each other since then”. Kim Sook exclaimed, “It’s an unexpected encounter”.

Jo Se-ho and Irene Kim also showed off their friendship in a video content uploaded on the Youtube channel “Substitute King” in July. Irene, who visited the department store where Jo Se-ho’s clothing brand opened a pop-up store, became a one-day employee and managed the store before Jo Se-ho came after finishing his broadcast.

Jo Se-ho treated Irene, who had worked hard, to delicious food and boasted about their strong friendship, saying “Before I launched this brand, I asked Irene for advice”. He shared, “My goal is to collaborate with Irene’s brand. I really like women like Irene”, showing his affection.

Irene said, “I feel very comfortable when I’m around him. He’s really good”. Jo Se-ho made everyone laugh as he commented, “I’m single right now”. Jo Se-ho then read the messages he posted on Instagram to Irene, making her fed up with him.

Meanwhile, the two have been embroiled in dating rumors when Yoo Jae-seok asked Irene “Don’t you have something with Jo Se-ho?” on a broadcast of SBS’s “Running Man” in January. At that time, Irene denied it, saying “Do we have anything?”, adding “But we’re close. We’re close to each other enough to have a private meal”. 

When Ji Seok-jin asked, “Only you two?”, Irene said, “Not only two of us”, adding “We got close since we have many mutual friends”.

Source: daum

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