Jo Kwon’s heartbreaking health status, “Please, I hope this is the last time” 

Famous singer and entertainer Jo Kwon revealed his status of having to be hospitalized due to a foot injury.

On February 6th, Jo Kwon posted a black and white photo on his Instagram along with the caption, “Please, I hope this is the last time.”

In the photo, Jo Kwon can be seen lying on a hospital bed with bandages wrapped around his left foot.

Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon did not mention the reason for his injury, but fans speculate that it was because of Jo Kwon’s usual performances in high heels, as the male artist usually wears high heels and performs intense choreography, delivering splendid stages.

In fact, back in 2021, Jo Kwon appeared on MBC’s “Point of Omniscient Interfere” (also known as “Omniscient Interfering View”) and revealed how he was suffering from a large bulge on the sole of his foot because he often danced in high heels.

Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon, who debuted as a member of boy group 2AM in 2008, gained popularity by appearing in various variety shows as the character “Kkap Kwon” (short for “acting Jo Kwon”). At the same time, he has been gaining attention by presenting a “genderless look” through his use of high heels in everyday life through SNS.

It is known that Jo Kwon is scheduled to stand on the stage of the musical gala concert “The Colors” (literal translation), which will be held in April.

Source: wikitree

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