Jisoo was “terrorized”, sexually harassed and threatened to kill by fans of Suzy, BTS and even two other BLACKPINK members’ fans

BLACKPINK Jisoo is currently being “terrorized” with words of sexual harassment, and harsh criticism. Fans put the hashtag on the top trend worldwide and asked YG to take measures to protect Jisoo.

Today, BLINKs in general and Jisoo’s fans in particular have trended the hashtag #YG_ProtectJisoo. More than 130,000 tweets have helped bring this hashtag to the top trending worldwide. Fans ask YG Entertainment to quickly protect Jisoo from malicious comments. But what is the problem that Jisoo suddenly became the victim of this wave of “terrorism”?

Specifically, Jisoo was attacked by a series of netizens with malicious comments, sexually harassed and even threatened to kill. These threatening comments came from fans of BTS, Suzy and even fans of Rosé and Jennie (BLACKPINK). Since Jennie’s “opening Kpop to the world” statement, a part of BTS fans has become even more aggressive. In addition, the internal conflict among BLACKPINK’s fans was pushed up because this is a group with a lot of ‘akgae fans’, who only like one member of a group. Specifically, Jennie fans said that Jisoo is poor in English, and boring. Rosé fans feel regretful that Dior did not choose Rosé as a muse, but chose Jisoo. Suzy’s fans also think that Suzy and Rosé are the perfect combination for Dior. All of them create a deliberate attack on Jisoo.

Moreover, a part of BTS’s fanatic fans sexually harassed BLACKPINK because of a controversy regarding Jennie’s recent statement. Antifan also sexually harassed BLACKPINK with obscene language. 

In addition to reporting malicious comments, BLACKPINK fans also sent many comments to support Jisoo and criticized YG for their delayed and drastic actions in protecting the artist like other companies. We hope YG will soon take legal action to end this situation. Previously, SM Entertainment, Big Hit, JYP had sued antifans and those who spread false rumors about their artists.

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