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“Jinny’s Kitchen”: A Dutch customer recognized BTS V and whispered “He’s a singer”

A customer recognized BTS V appeared on “Jinny’s Kitchen”.

In the second episode of tvN’s “Jinny’s Kitchen”, which aired on March 3, Lee Seo Jin, who was promoted to a restaurant owner, and employees Jung Yumi, Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Shik, and BTS V continued the restaurant business in Bacalar, Mexico.

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On this day, the customers who entered the restaurant ordered bulgogi kimbap, hot dog, and tteokbokki, and asked for soju, saying, “No soju?” Park Seo Joon, who heard this through Jung Yumi, suggested to Lee Seo Jin, “We can give them wine.”

jinny kitchen

In the kitchen, Park Seo Joon said, “I just came for dinner,” and put plenty of fries. Jung Yumi also prepared food by adding ingredients for kimbap.

A female guest, who took a quick glance at the hard-working employees, said to a male guest at the party, “The other man over there is a singer.” When the male customer asked, “Really? Do you recognize him?”, the female customer wondered, “What group is he from?” and seemed to recognize BTS V.

jinny kitchen

Afterwards, V asked the guests in Spanish if the food was to their liking. The English-speaking guests did not know how to speak Spanish. The guests said they were from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, a guest who came in later asked Lee Seo Jin if he was a TV star, and Lee Seo Jin revealed his identity, saying, “Actually, I am an actor.” The guest praised, saying, “Your voice and pronunciation are good.”

Source: Nate

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