Jin (BTS) was upset when he was criticized by fans on an American show for bad dancing skills

The male idol insisted that he did not dance wrongly and ruined the group’s choreography as the fans say.

On May 22, BTS appeared on the iHeartRadio show. In the interview, the show host asked: “Who is the member that often ruins the choreography of the group?” Some fans started shouting the name of Jin and the leader RM. Before this sensitive situation, the youngest member Jung Kook quickly replied, “We are all perfect.”

BTS is welcome in the US, continuously participating in interview shows.

Jin showed a sad expression when he was chosen by the fan to be the member who ruins the group’s choreography. He said, “I didn’t do it wrong.” The Army is extremely angry when watching the program. They argue that naming Jin and RM in this question is rude and disrespectful to the members. The fans who were at the studio have denied all the efforts of Jin and RM.

When they debuted, Jin and RM were not appreciated for dancing skills like J-Hope or Ji Min but they tried to practice and always brought the best performances to the audience. The two have never been criticized for being lazy or superficial on stage or affecting the performance quality of BTS.

Jin insisted that he did not dance the wrong way.

Many fans used the hashtag #NamJinBestDancers to encourage Jin and RM. This hashtag quickly ranks second in the top trending world on Twitter.

Jin’s dancing skills

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