Jin and Suga might be absent from BTS’s world tour next year

It’s highly that the upcoming arenas of BTS’s world tour might not be able to see Jin and Suga – the 2 eldest members of BTS.

BTS is still in the middle of their “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” world tour which is expected to continue to 2020. However, their concerts next year might not have Suga and Jin due to the new law from the Military Manpower Administration which only allows an international travel limitation for male citizens who are near the age of enlistment.

Suga and Jin might not be able to join BTS’s world tour next year due to the enlistment new law.

According to the new law, Korean male at the age of 25 – 27 who haven’t got enlisted yet, are only permitted five international journeys, with each being a maximum of 6 months. Following this new law, Jin (1992) and Suga (1993) will have to serve their military service in 2020 and 2021 simultaneously which means that they won’t be able to perform at BTS’s concerts abroad starting from next year.

This information is stirring up the entire ARMY fandom. If 2 members are absent from the tour next year, BTS will be affected greatly, especially when they are currently at the top of their career with a huge income source being their world tour.

BTS will struggle if they have to perform abroad without Jin and Suga.

At the moment, Big Hit Entertainment still hasn’t said anything about the world tour plan or Jin and Suga’s enlistment plan. However, many think that the agency has foreseen this situation and has already prepared so that these 2 members can finish the world tour before starting their military service.

Source: Kenh14

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