The father who held up Jungkook (BTS)’s photo to look for his daughter after the college entrance exam is going viral

This adorable story is currently a hot topic on Chinese SNS.

On Weibo, different interesting stories about the university entrance exam in China this year. A topic titled “The fastest way to find your kid” was posted where a schoolgirl told her story and received many positive reactions from Chinese netizen.

She said, after the literature exam on June 8th, she was picked up by her dad who was waving a Jungkook’s hand fan. He held the fan up so that his daughter can easily find him in the crowd, and the daughter has taken a photo of this cute moment and uploaded it on Weibo.

Afraid that his daughter might be lost in the crowd, he raised a fan which was printed with a photo of Jungkook – his daughter’s idol.

This adorable moment is going viral. The post on Weibo has received more than 20.000 likes with 5.000 comments. Many said that this must be their dream dad who would support his daughter’s hobby which is K-Pop idol. Many also admired this adorable father – daughter relationship. His action is not just a fast way of finding his daughter, but can also be seen as a mental support for his daughter during a stressful exam.

International fans are also very interested in this story.

Some comments: “He’s afraid that his daughter might lost him, and his first instinct is to raise the fan up. If she sees her idol, she also sees her father”, “From now on I’ll ask my father to hold a photo of Taehyung whenever I’m at the airport”, “Such a moving and sweet story. This is the dream of every K-Pop fan”, “Such a great dad. The college entrance exam in China is very harsh because they only have one chance to to do the test and decide their future. If you do well, you can get into a good school and have a stable, bright future. But if you fail, you will have to choose a bad school or even give up on studying…”

BTS is currently one of the most loved K-Pop idols in China even though they don’t have any promotion activity there. All BTS members always appear in the top hottest star on SNS, Jungkook and V being the 2 most famous members. During their comeback in April with the album “Map of the Soul: Persona”, Jungkook’s Chinese fansites have bought 160.000 copies and arranged many fundraising projects to support their idol.

Source: iOne

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