Jewelry company revealed Hyuna and Dawn’s engagement rings have 7 different diamonds 

Behind-the-scenes story of Hyuna and Dawn’s proposal has recently been revealed.

Photos by Hyuna, Dawn and the jewelry company’s Instagram
Photos by Hyuna, Dawn and the jewelry company’s Instagram

A jewelry company official said on Instagram on February 5th, “Recently, we had an opportunity to make a gorgeous proposal ring for a gorgeous couple that we personally like so much,” and revealed that it produced Dawn’s proposal ring for Hyuna. “First of all, please note that Hyuna and Dawn’s rings are custom productions.”

The company official said, “As Dawn devoted a lot of love and time to Hyuna, it was produced as the only design for Hyuna. He also showed full sincerity while choosing opals and diamonds for the rings, he explained.” He then said, “The platinum ring has opals and seven different diamonds. Opal is Hyun-ah’s favorite,” he said. He continued, “We can’t put a price on love, but it cost a considerable amount of time and sincerity,” adding, “We’re just grateful and honored to be able to make a ring for such a pretty couple.”

Photos by Hyuna, Dawn and the jewelry company’s Instagram

Previously, Hyuna and Dawn revealed their engagement on Instagram on the night of February 3rd. Dawn posted on Instagram that he proposed to Hyuna by writing “Marry Me?” and Hyuna replied to the proposal by posting “Of course, yes.” Hyuna posted a shell-shaped ring case and ring picture along with a message saying, “Thank you, thank you, and thank you always.”

The two have been dating since 2016, confirmed their romantic relationship in 2018 and have been dating openly since.

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